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About the Coach

At age twenty I thought I had it all figured out. I thought I knew the exact path I needed to take to reach both my professional and personal life goals.

I was wrong! What I learned instead was when the economy is bad, people get laid off. That was an eye opener for me at age 20. After six months of being in what I thought was my “dream” job, I was laid off along with many others.

I quickly learned the meaning of the word downsizing and corporate restructuring and how it impacted one’s life. I became acutely aware through this experience that I had much more to learn about the world of work and what it takes to not only find a dream job, but to keep it as well.

Cheryl Henry

Luckily, I had the good sense to source out information and found that there were great resources out there to assist those going through career transition.

After attending a six week program that consisted of various types of workshops, I uncovered the most important lesson on my journey to finding the right career fit. I had to figure out who I was first. What a concept!

Learning more about my skills, interests, attributes, even my likes and dislikes, wants and needs was extremely useful and encouraging. I uncovered my own passion for helping others on their journey of self-discovery.

In 1992 I enrolled in College, graduated with honours and began my role as a Career Counsellor.

Now, after twenty years in the field of career coaching I have to say it’s been an amazing and interesting ride!

I’ve had the privilege of empowering many individuals find their authentic self and establish concrete & realistic career goals.

I’ve also gained personal satisfaction knowing that I helped contribute to the professional and personal growth of so many people.

The Career Toolkit

In 2010 I decided to continue with my own journey of finding my “authentic self” and officially became an entrepreneur.

The Career Toolkit is a boutique business specializing in career coaching, corporate training and franchise consultation. The services offered allow individuals to uncover their unique characteristics, skills and attributes. Our mission is to enhance the lives of people by offering tools that help them learn more about themselves and what they need for career satisfaction.
Whether they are seeking a new career, growth in their current jobs and industry, or exploring entrepreneurship, our purpose is to guide them on their journey, so they uncover their true potential while developing new skills or enhancing existing one's. In the end, the key to being content with both your professional & personal life is to always strive to find your "authentic self".

If the only constant in life is “change”, then change must be embraced and pursued with a passion!


Engaging, empowering, enthusiastic career development professional
Cheryl is a warm, supportive, and client-centered professional. Over the course of several years, she welcomed me to speak to her client groups, and I found her to be well-organized and enthusiastic. It was a highlight for me to conduct outreach at her organization because of how positively she received me.

September 10, 2014.

Jennifer Mackey

I had the pleasure of working with Cheryl for several years in a government funded Career Exploration Program.
She is a well prepared, professional facilitator who presents with clarity, yet in an entertaining way that engages participants with relevant activities and applications. Cheryl always ensured that questions were answered thoroughly and patiently and that everyone understood the topic or assessment results being covered. This, combined with her sense of humour and wonderful laughter, resulted in clients expressing that they felt refreshed, informed and confident in their ability to move forward when they finished the program.
I found Cheryl to be an intuitive, respectful & compassionate counsellor and coach when working one to one with our clients. She built rapport with each client as an individual, assessing their needs and assisting them in the development of their own realistic plan of action. Cheryl is highly skilled in the administration of a broad range of valuable assessment tools used to assist clients and is gifted at interpreting the results in a way that her clients can understand and use in their career today and throughout their life.

September 12, 2014.

Janet Murphy, Manager
The Learning Enrichment Foundation - 2001

A communicator who is insightful, empathetic, and passionate about what she does. Cheryl combines her professional skills and knowledge in the career counselling field and is able to connect with others in meaningful ways to assist them in establishing a plan that meets their needs.

Ella Neverson
Caseworker at Government of Ontario

I had the privilege of meeting Cheryl when she worked as the Coordinator/Career Counsellor at The Centre for Skills Development & Training. At the time I was in transition after being laid off from my employment of seventeen years. During my time at The Centre, I attended the Career Exploration Program where I experienced Cheryl’s customer-centric approach to helping clients and since then I have had the pleasure of learning more about her skill sets first hand.

Cheryl is a positive, warm and an enthusiastic professional. She is always very approachable and willing to help individuals seeking to find better career options for their lives.

Ian Ryves
Mortgage Agent at Dominion Lending Centers

A results driven Career Specialist with ability to orient clients towards their career goals
I met Cheryl when she was working as the Coordinator/Career Counsellor at The centre for Skills Development & Training. At the time I was hired as a Practicum Student to learn on the job, as well as to assist clients when necessary. It was a 3 week Career Exploration program which was quite popular with laid off workers who were planning to change their career, as well as with new immigrants who were trying to identify a training goal given their international experience. I had the occasion to learn a lot from the way Cheryl facilitated the class. She used group counselling skills abundantly, which created a safe, judgement free learning environment for all.
I also accompanied Cheryl to many service provider meetings, & was introduced to Mangers of repute who headed various Government funded programs. I could clearly see the business acumen Cheryl had acquired working in the employment services field for many years. I am confident of Cheryl's ability to blend her knowledge of employment services with business needs of the corporate/individual, in order to produce unique, value added solutions to customers.

September 10, 2014.

Saman Warnasuriya
Career Specialist Employment Services, The Centre for Education & Training