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Papillon Financial

April 2014 - PEAK - Proactively Educating & Acquiring Knowledge is a program designed to educate individuals on financial management and wealth building. By utilizing temperament workshops, participants gain a better understanding of their money mindset, therefore enabling them to make a more strategic Plan of Action for their financial future.

Team members:

Cheryl Henry-Knowles,
   Owner, The Career Toolkit

Shurnette Henry,
   Managing Partner, Papillon Financial

Dana L. Wilson
   Managing Partner, Papillon Financial

The Career Toolkit delivers a "Taste of Colour" at the Official Launch for Papillon Financial in New York, NY. Participants enjoyed a day of learning more about managing their finances while discovering how their unique character traits influences their "money mindset".


Cheryl was a pleasure to work with and very professional. She made our audience feel at ease and delivered her information with focus and enthusiasm. We are very excited to have her as apart of our team and see nothing but great collaborative work ahead!

October 20, 2014.

Dana L. Wilson
Managing Partner at Papillon Financial, LLC, New York, NY

Cheryl is an extremely qualified facilitator and provided exceptional consultative services to our workshop participants! She brought the room to life and made all the difference for our workshop!!

September 10, 2014.

Shurnette Henry
Managing Partner at Papillon Financial, LLC, New York, NY

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