It’s Not Easy Being Green

It's Not Easy Being Green

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It’s six a.m., and the alarm goes off, signalling the beginning of another day in the hustle and grind. You’re still in the game. You are the captain of your ship, CEO of your self-employment venture. Your latest project was off to a good start, but for some reason it has become challenging. Instead of trying to create a well-polished and finished product, you find yourself struggling to get all the pieces in the right places so that the end-result is perfect. It’s great to know you have business coming through your door, but if the execution of all the steps isn’t done flawlessly, to perfection, then what was the point in attempting to start?

If this sounds anything like you or a member of your team, then step in a bit closer. Personality Dimensions is a temperament assessment that helps to understand better who we are and why we do things the way that we do them. The four temperament types, Inquiring Greens, Organized Golds, Resourceful Oranges and Authentic Blues, can be seen in all of us and we use each one differently. All four have strengths and weaknesses, and no one temperament type is better than the other. However, how they live through the stresses of running a successful business is very different. Today’s spotlight is on our “Inquiring Greens”.

Greens are the knowledge seekers, and because their core values are knowledge and competence, it’s important that anything they do is done exceptionally well. Their primary purpose in life and how they strive for esteem is through knowledge, competence, and autonomy in their work and overall life. Answering the “why” and having the talent and skills in place to complete a project or satisfy a challenging client is very important to them. A green temperament type will research data and information, seek out expert opinions of others, and then, use practical and logical steps as part of their process to complete a task successfully. Oh, and did I forget to mention that they set the standards when it comes to the quality of work to which they will attach their name.

When Greens are feeling stressed and pressured or if the job just isn’t going in the right direction, they, like the other temperament types, will exhibit out of abnormal behaviors. For Greens, some of these behaviors may include, withdrawal and refusal to participate, inability to make choices and decisions, withholding cooperation, faultfinding or laying blame. Performance anxiety and criticism of self or others will sometimes follow.

If not functioning as “their best self”, unrealistic expectations of themselves and other team members will become problematic. Being too focused on perfectionism will stagnate the efforts of making sure the project gets done and gets done well. A successful businesswoman needs to have all four temperament types working at their best selves if the company is to be successful. If even one member is off track, it affects the whole team. Any hope of growing your business and building a strong team becomes derailed very quickly.

So what can we do to support Greens back into esteem? First, we must give them the time and space to recognize the pressure and stresses that may be impacting their performance and inevitably their team. Providing them with opportunities to regain their need to feel competent and increase their knowledge is a good start. Since Inquiring Greens are experts at concentration, working through the core of the complexity and seeing the details that others might miss is a task that they should take on. Taking on challenging tasks that have a high rate of success is exactly what Greens need to focus them and ground their confidence again. Let them know that they’ve done a good job (but remember to be brief). Too much attention and gushy emotions may seem patronizing to them. Feeding their natural curiosity by allowing them to take the lead in researching or fact-finding is also a good step for them to exercise their talents.

Inquiring Greens are big picture oriented, visionaries, and architects of change! Allowing them to dive deeply into their creative side will recharge them. Having their creative mind and imagination stimulated may bring fresh ideas to a project that seemed to be going in the wrong direction. So can a Green who is working at her best self and really utilizing their core strengths bring success to a business? Absolutely. The possibilities with an Inquiring Green are endless!

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