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The world of work continues to change and to be successful in our careers we must also change how we see that world.
In today’s competitive job market, individuals need to make sure their “toolkit” consists of the skills, attributes and qualities that will not only get them the job, but help them keep it as well.

Today’s employers continue to dictate who the brightest and best are and what role they play in the company’s future.

Having the critical skills for the job or what we coaches call “hard” skills, isn’t enough to secure longevity with a company.
Employers also rely on outstanding “soft” skills and attributes in their employees to feel confident that they have the right person in the right position.

With evidence of continuous growth in the small business arena, competition to offer the best service or product within one’s industry is fierce.
Professional development and ongoing learning is the key to keeping a company’s workforce strong.

This commitment by both employer and employee is also important for success. The Career Toolkit offers a series of workshops and webinars. The focus is on helping companies to build and grow stronger teams, enabling them to be more competitive, therefore producing excellence!

Personality Dimensions® is a dynamic, interactive tool that explores temperament theory. Using four colours ( Inquiring Green, Organized Gold, Resourceful Orange and Authentic Blue) to identify temperament types, helps individuals to better understand their strengths and unique character traits that makes them who they are. Therefore what makes them “tick”? more..

  •  Authentic Blue

    Inquiring Green

  • Organized Gold

    Organized Gold

  •  Resourceful Orange

    Resourceful Orange

  •  Authentic Blue

    Authentic Blue

Skillscan interactive based learning tool, allows users to uncover transferable skills and apply them to practical and realistic career interests. more..

This Career Exploration Inventory guides users through the process of exploring three components of their lives – work, leisure and learning. more..

To be satisfied with the work we do, it’s important that it highlights our best skillsets while maintaining our key values. The Work Motivation Scale let’s participants identify what motivates them by answering 32 key statements. more..

Additional Workshops Offered Include:

Action Planning & Goal Setting

Change & Transition

Empowering Excellence In The Workplace


In our pursuit to help entrepreneurs uncover their authentic self of being self-employed, the Career Toolkit provides Franchise Consulting services. This option allows individuals to be in business for "themselves but not by themselves". As Consultants, our goal is to be the best at what we do. We help individuals find the perfect fit by matching them with the perfect business opportunity. We stand by the quality of our expertise to understand your interests and translate your needs. We will provide quality consultation and are committed to staying engaged with each client through the consulting process in order to ensure successful results.
We have two types of clients; individuals and businesses. Our objective is to assist individuals seeking information about franchise ownership, find the best opportunity to fit their present situation. We also work with small businesses seeking growth by becoming franchised. We work with you by applying our expertise in skills assessment and business consulting to determine the best direction for you to inevitably guide you on the path to your success story.

As an affiliate of FranServe Incorporated we have a strong network of over 400 franchise partners that we represent in a variety of industries.

We help you to:

Buy a Franchise!

We research the best franchise opportunity for the individual investor and match you with a business that will allow you to become a successful franchise owner.

Start Your Franchise Business!

We specialize in helping small businesses become franchised in order to grow their brands to really see their companies expand.

Strengthen Your Business!

Our firm offers skills assessment counselling in both individual and group workshop settings directed toward helping clients discover and utilize core strengths. Workshops are also offered to companies with the objective of uncovering employee strengths to increase overall productivity.
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Action Plan

A realistic Action Plan is developed with the client and is used as a guide for career enhancement, career change, or solidifying a desire for business ownership. Individuals looking for franchising opportunities apply temperament theory to help them find the "right fit" within a vast franchising industry. Workshops are offered to companies for the purpose of uncovering employee strengths to increase overall productivity and retain human capital. The Career Toolkit also works with existing businesses to guide them through the conversion process of becoming franchised to expand and grow their brands.