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20 questions for clarity and success | The Career Toolkit
20 questions for clarity and success 20 questions for clarity and success 20 questions for clarity and success

20 questions for clarity and success

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Welcome to the New Year. Gee that came fast didn’t it? I hope you have had a wonderful break, some cherished time with family and friends, and some time to rest and restore. You may be still on your break, or getting ready like I am to head off and have some family time.

But before I head to Byron, I wanted to pose some questions for you to ponder as you move into 2015, hopefully with a sense of hope, and a feeling of grace and ease that you can carry through the year.

Last week I wrote about the 30 things I (finally) learned in 2014 and it kind of went a bit viral on Huffington Post. This week, a few questions to wrap up your reflection and learnings from last year if you haven’t already done so (if you have, feel free to skip the first part).

I also pose some questions to help you focus on what is most important in this wonderful new year. It would be great if you could take a few hours, perhaps over the weekend, and really reflect on what you want to create for yourself this year. It’s the best way I know to get clear, get focussed and move into the year with a positive intention.

20 Questions to set up your year for success:

From 2014 – 

1. What were the three best things that happened?

2. What was your biggest learning?

3. What do you need to let go of from last year?

4. What do you need to stop doing from last year? (this could be more than one thing)

5. Describe 2014 in four words.


For 2015 –

6. If there were between four and six words that would describe how you want to feel and show up in 2015, what would they be? Some examples would be; grace, ease, focussed, expansive, love, fun, fearless, happy, balanced, grounded, vibrant, healthy etc.

7. What are your wildest and most hopeful dreams for the year?

8. What does your life vision look like this year? How do all of the pieces of your life come together? Build a vision board if you haven’t already that will inspire your action and keep you on track for what you are focussed on (and how you want to feel while you are doing it).

9. What are the top three things you want to accomplish this year in your work life?

10. What are the top three things you want to accomplish this year in your personal life?

11. Name three passions or hobbies that you want to make a priority.

12. List three ways you will nourish and restore yourself.

13. What will you make more time for?

14. What will you say no to?

15. What will you say yes to?

16. How can you be of the greatest service this year?

17. How can you start your day so that you have time for you first thing in the morning? What could you do that would ease you into the day with more grace and ease (even if it’s only ten minutes before the kids get up)?

18. What would a relaxing bed time ritual look like?

19. If you really invested in yourself this year, what would you do?

20. Imagine it is New Year’s Eve 2015 and you are reflecting on the year that has past. What will have happened for you to feel calm, fulfilled, happy and satisfied that your life has been well lived this year? Write a few sentences about this now.

Wishing you a magical year where you create more of what you want than you ever dreamed possible. It’s all there waiting for you.

Need more inspiration? In case you missed it, my new ebook Rise and Shine came out a few weeks ago. It’s filled with some of my best articles, advice, learnings and coaching worksheets on how to create the career and life you love. Get it now, and you can still get access to an exclusive call at the end of January, where you can ask me anything. I hope it shines a little light on your path this year.



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