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6 questions you must ask yourself | The Career Toolkit
6 questions you must ask yourself 6 questions you must ask yourself 6 questions you must ask yourself

6 questions you must ask yourself

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Startling fact: More than 70% of women I researched in America last year didn’t have a career plan that was working for them. And more than 48% of women were just winging it. Pretty scary isn’t it?

What have you done lately to move your career forward? I mean, to intentionally move it forward in the direction you want to head? Do you even know where that is?

This week, I’d like you to think about the reality of your career. You could be working your way up the ladder in a big corporate. You might be at the top in an executive role and wondering ‘how do I continue to progress?’, or ‘I wonder what my next move is?’, or you might be running your own business and either thriving or just barely surviving. 

Here are six questions to ponder this week as you get real about what’s going on for you and how you are feeling about it;

1.  Do you have a clear career plan or a current business plan?

2. Are you where you thought you’d be at this point in the year?

3. What’s working really well for you work wise? Where are you thriving?

4. How are you feeling with your work? Really feeling. Happy, fulfilled, glowing, passionate, purposeful, tense, anxious, angry, despondent, over it? Which words best describe the way that you feel right now?

5. When you look forward to the end of the year, where do you want to be? What do you want to have achieved? How do you want to feel about the year that has just passed?

6. What are the next three steps you need to take to move you toward that vision? Write them down. What do you need to do, whose help do you need, what do you need to make space for, what do you need to say NO to? Declare it. Then act on it.

We can get all caught up just going through the motions. Caught up in the busyness that is our work and life. But if we aren’t careful, as I am sure you know all too well, the days turn into months and far too quickly it’s December and we’re smacking ourselves for all the important stuff that we just didn’t get to. The urgent things got done. But the important things got left behind. 

Don’t make this your story this year. Create some space. Block some time. Get real about where you are really at. And make a plan. You don’t need to take giant leaps this week. Small steps are perfect, as long as they move you in the direction you want to be heading.

As always, reading is one thing, but taking action is what matters most. So I’d love to hear from you. In the comments below, tell me the one small step you will take this week to bring you closer to your vision for your work. 

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Until next time,

You’ve got this.


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