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Debbie Spellman Debbie Spellman Debbie Spellman

Debbie Spellman

Before I worked with Megan I was in desperate need of strategy. I had a big vision and bigger plans yet day to day I felt I was scurrying around and failing to achieve all I needed to get done. In working together it was clear to see the immense workload I had on my never ending to do list could not possibly fit into my calendar. Megan helped me create a realistic and achievable strategy that enabled me to not only focus on key results, it also felt incredibly freeing. I went from surviving to thriving by getting real about my patterns and changing my behavior. Megan gives you permission to be yourself. Her ability to identify your blocks whilst gently holding space for old paradigms to shift and dissolve is profound. Megan is one of those people whose character and authenticity shines through. Not only is she filled with insightful wisdom and vast experience both in life and career, her incredible skill of shining a light on the depths of your heart and drawing out your unique truth is invaluable.