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Manuela Schmid Manuela Schmid Manuela Schmid

Manuela Schmid

Megan has been a fantastic coach and the growth I have seen in myself is not only recognisable with my team but also my friends and family. Megan has so many strong attributes as a coach. I find her authenticity and genuineness to be key strengths and something that I was immediately drawn to. Her ability to draw from the depth and breadth of her own professional and personal experiences allows the coaching to be real and not some text book theory. Her coaching techniques are refreshing and I find that Megan helps me to reflect and then most importantly make the desired behaviour change. Megan is an inspirational woman who is not only a great listener, but someone you can also have a laugh or cry with. For anyone looking for honest, fresh insights and ideas on how to positively work through the many curve balls that life throws, connect with Megan. Her guidance, empowerment and support will be the difference you need.