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How can you build some momentum this week? | The Career Toolkit
How can you build some momentum this week? How can you build some momentum this week? How can you build some momentum this week?

How can you build some momentum this week?


As you step into your work week, think about how you might build some fast momentum this week. I am sure you will have a long and perhaps tedious to do list, full of things you have about as much enthusiasm for doing as getting a root canal. We all have them. I have to do taxes and send invoices this week. Both near the very bottom of my ‘want to get done’ list (yes just above that dentist appointment). 

But those things have to get done. And then there are things that are exciting to do. For me, working on my next book; speaking with my clients; drafting and dreaming up business plans for a new company I am creating; devising worksheets and cool stuff for my writers group. This is the juicy stuff.

So how do you build momentum? You get one thing done, and then move on to the next thing. It’s not rocket science, but there is an art to it.

Get small things done fast and then move on. The tax stuff? I will do small bits in breaks until it’s all over. Pulling one receipt or income statement that takes five minutes is much easier than locking away four hours in one chunk, which will send me to sleep or into a panic attack for sure.

The writing? Staring at a blank computer screen puts the fear of God into any writer. But get one line down, and then another, and then another, and before you know it you have 800 words and there’s your introduction (that was my morning yesterday). Get a few of those done and you have what Josh from the West Wing used to call ‘the big ‘Mo’ (God I miss that show – so sad I know).

So as you look at your week, what can you do to build some excitement and momentum into your work? Look at both the big exciting things on your plate, as well as the crappy stuff that just has to get done. Break it down. Think about quick wins. Sandwich the boring stuff in between chunks of the stuff you love. They will both get done, and they will fuel your energy levels and focus in the process.

Until next time

You’ve got this.


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