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How to beat the back to work blues | The Career Toolkit
How to beat the back to work blues How to beat the back to work blues How to beat the back to work blues

How to beat the back to work blues

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Cruising around social media this week it didn’t take long to get the posts of people feeling the blues being back at work. Pretty normal, and as I sit here on the last days of my holiday, I am already thinking forward to next week and what I will be doing to keep hold of the peace, calm and relaxation that I have had whilst being on break.

If you are feeling the blues, or already feeling a bit too stressed out as the real world realities take their grip on you, join me in using these tools and strategies to hold onto your bliss for as long as possible (preferably all year).

1. Savour some morning time – one of the reasons we feel so crazed when we head back to work after a luxurious break is that we can lose the me time, and often, any sense of slow leisurely time we might of had on break. Try and carve out some time for yourself in the morning. For some this could be an hour for a walk or run and meditation, for others it might be about fifteen minutes for five minutes of journaling and a cup of tea before the kids get up. It’s not about the length of time, it’s about having some space to be still, calm and reflect before the day starts. For me, this means a morning walk with my dog, a swim in the ocean, and then home for some yoga, meditation and green smoothie before hitting my computer. This doesn’t happen every morning as if I am out speaking at a client then it might look like the 15 minute version, but I always have some time in there. Try it and see how you go.

2. Set your intention for the day – another reason we get a bit crazy this time of year is we can quite quickly lose our sense of purpose as the to do list gets longer and the demands get more intense. Did you have any reflection time over the holidays and New Year? Perhaps you came up with some words that you want to focus on this year – mine are grace, ease, abundance, expansion and love. These are great, but they can quickly get washed out to sea like the waves at high tide if we don’t stay grounded in them. What is your intention for this month, this week, this day? Reflect on it first thing in the morning and last thing at night, and stay clear on the actions you need to take to move forward, feel the way you want, and get to where you want to go. 

3. Get clear and stay focussed – rather than get lost under an avalanche of other people’s requirements and requests of you, you need to get clear on what your top priorities are, and keep your eye on those things at all costs. What are your top three goals for the year? Are they projects you want to deliver, personal things you want to achieve, or milestones you want to hit? Make sure you are crystal clear on those top 3, and the actions you need to take each and every day to move toward them. Do them first! Our energy is clearer in the morning so make your goals the priority and set firm boundaries around them so you come first. You will feel so much better knowing you are making real progress toward whatever it is you really want this year.

4. Build your rescue kit – best laid plans and all of our good intentions do still sometimes come crashing down. It happens to the best of us, sometimes in the worst possible ways. In times like these, you need some quick fixes to get you from hot mess to calm Goddess. Take some time now and write down 5-8 things that can help you feel better in 10 minutes or less. Here are some of mine; five minutes of meditation, smelling some natural oils like peppermint or lavender, making and enjoying a cup of calming tea, watching a funny clip on YouTube, listening to a favourite song, calling an upbeat friend, going outside for a dose of nature…..and when all else fails, either a dive into the ocean, or a bubble bath usually work wonders. Make your list of things you can draw on when the blues really hit and you will be back to yourself in no time. 

I hope these small strategies help as you work your way into the year. 

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