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Megan Dalla-Camina is a strategist, speaker, writer, and researcher on women, leadership and work. Before becoming a thriving entrepreneur she spent two decades as a senior executive in global organizations such as GE, PwC and IBM; first as an award winning Marketing Director, and most recently as Head of Strategy for IBM, including remits for Gender Diversity and Organizational Culture and Change. Well known for her capacity to inspire and empower, while keeping it real, Megan is passionate about changing the conversation about women, work, leadership and success, to one that drives positive change.

Megan holds a Masters degree in Business Management from MGSM and a second Masters degree in Wellness (Positive Psychology) from RMIT where she received the Vice Chancellors Award for Academic Excellence. With a PhD currently underway in gender studies, Megan blends science, spirit and experience to drive results that matter. Her work has been referred to by Forbes as “brave” and by Naomi Wolf as “refreshing”. She has significant experience in all aspects of women’s leadership; from leading the gender strategy at IBM for almost a decade, being a founding implementation leader in the Male Champions of Change initiative lead by the Australian Human Rights Commissioner, to now being a sought after strategist, thought leader and researcher creating a new frontier for women and work.

Megan won the inaugural NAB/Women’s Agenda award for Leader in the Private Sector, and she has been nominated for Telstra Business Woman of the Year twice. Her work and writing has been featured in Forbes, Fortune, Fast Company, Huffington Post, Psychology Today, NBC, Fox Business, CBS News, Marie Claire, Elle, Wellbeing, Womens Agenda and more. She is the author of the best selling book Getting Real About Having It All (Hay House) and Lead Like A Woman.

You can connect with Megan on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter @mdallacamina and of course, at

Personal points of interest (and random facts)

Before she a was a ‘serious business executive’, Megan had all types of interesting endeavors as a performer, a music producer and advertising exec, all before the ripe old age of 24 when she landed at GE (they didn’t quite know what to make of her, but it all turned out well). Creativity still rocks her world, as does writing and speaking about things that matter, and helping people see what’s possible. She has a 16 year old son who is, of course, the coolest kid in the world. And she has a dream that her PhD research might just change everything – for women, for men and for the world we live in. She loves captivating conversations, fortune cookie wisdom, beach swims and yoga, and she has a fierce obsession with books, thought provoking ideas and figuring out what’s next.



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