WLW 012: Rebecca Campbell on The Rising Feminine WLW 012: Rebecca Campbell on The Rising Feminine WLW 012: Rebecca Campbell on The Rising Feminine

WLW 012: Rebecca Campbell on The Rising Feminine

For those of you who loved my first conversation with Rebecca Campbell, I’m so excited to be able to share with you Part 2 of my conversation with my beautiful, wise and gifted friend.

Rebecca is a best selling author, inspirational motivational speaker, spiritual teacher, grounded spiritual mentor and practical intuitive guide. Following the success of her first book Light Is The New Black, Rebecca has just released her second book Rise Sister Rise: A Guide To Releasing The Wise, Wild Woman Within (which I’m sure will be another best seller).

Rebecca teaches internationally and is passionate about helping people connect with their intuition and follow what lights them up in order to live wonderful lives both personally and professionally. She believes that when we follow what lights us up and courageously share that with the world, we light up the world with our presence.

In this episode Rebecca and I go deep into exactly what we mean by the rising feminine and why the feminine needs to rise in order to bring our masculine and feminine energies back into balance. We talk about her stunning new book Rise Sister Rise, the writing process and some really juicy topics including the internal patriarchy, the role of seasons and cycles in our lives, having the courage to live heart-centred lives, and how to run a business and lead from the feminine.

And just a heads up that this episode features some adult language, so you may want to make sure there are no little ones listening in – or pop in your headphones.

Here are 3 key takeaways from this beautiful conversation:

  1. We have to learn to embrace our ‘too muchness’ and stop squelching the parts of ourselves that are actually our gifts.
  2. Practical ways to balance your masculine and feminine energies and how to incorporate simple practices into your day to make sure you’re honouring both energies within you.
  3. We need to recognise that there is an internal patriarchy that exists within us and be aware of the ways in which we are denying our feminine nature and silencing our own power.

And for anyone that missed Part 1 of my conversation with Rebecca, you can catch that episode here.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Rise Sister Rise

Light Sourcing Meditation

Where to find Rebecca:

Website: www.rebeccacampbell.me

Twitter: @rebeccathoughts

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rebeccathoughts

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