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Lead Like A Woman Online Course

Product Description

Lead Like A Woman Program

Are you ready to discover who you really are and create the career and life you truly want?This is your online video-based training and group coaching program for developing true confidence, career clarity, vibrant wellbeing, and leadership success.

Lead Like A Woman is an evidence-based program, uniquely designed to help women like you emerge with a true understanding of your strengths, a plan for your career and personal brand, and the grit to become an authentic, agile leader who can navigate the highs and lows of any workplace.

Lead Like A Woman fuses the latest research in positive psychology, neuroscience, leadership development, gender science, and wellbeing principles to help you see more of who you really are and get more of what you truly want.

The Lead Like A Woman program empowers you to create career clarity, have true confidence, lead authentically, and feel vibrantly well by giving you:

  • Our bestselling book
  • Lifetime access to our online video-based training
  • Private online member community
  • Exclusive monthly live group coaching calls where you get to talk directly to Megan and Michelle

We’ll give you everything you need to create success on your terms — a new way of leading and living that, when adopted, creates significant and lasting professional and personal results.

And if you’re a coach, consider this your ready-made toolkit to help your female clients lead and live at their best.  To make it easy for you to help others walk this journey our coaches pack provides you with all of the above plus:

  • A coaches playbook with 15 step-by-step coaching circle guides
  • Access to our private online member community for coaches
  • Exclusive monthly live group coach-the-coach calls where your people can talk directly to Megan and Michelle





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  • “Finding out, appreciating, and playing to my strengths has helped me find more purpose in my work and led me to making choices that better suit me. Simply life changing.”

    Penny Dixon, Former Brand Manager, Pharmaceutical Company

  • “Lead Like A Woman allowed me to embrace my authentic style of leadership. Operating more honestly, proudly owning my unique strengths and allowing my more feminine strengths to shine has proved powerful. The results have been stronger relationships and new opportunities.”

    Lyrene Swan, Client Relations Manager, Global Financial Services Organisation

  • “I’d highly recommend this program to any woman ready to reassess her career & willing to learn graceful leadership. It helped reaffirm the qualities I need to support me in my career & provided me inspiration & content that I use everyday.”

    Jikara Liddy, Project Manager and Coach, Telstra

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