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Is it time to reignite your personal brand? Is it time to reignite your personal brand? Is it time to reignite your personal brand?

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Is it time to reignite your personal brand?

You know how it goes: you’re going along well in your career. Doing a good job, hitting your milestones, keeping your boss and your clients happy and generally achieving what you have set out to. But sometimes it just feels a bit, you know, lackluster. Like the shine has faded. The gloss is wearing off. Or let’s be honest, you might be just flat out bored with it all (and yourself perhaps). You could change jobs. Industries. Go and hike a mountain. Sit in a cave somewhere. Or ...

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Do you know your derailment factors? Part two.

Last week I published Do You Know Your Derailment Factors, Part One. I wrote this piece specifically for women and the issues that relate to them, but the article seemed to resonate with as many men as it did women. And it clearly hit a nerve because the post went a little bit viral, especially on LinkedIn where it had more than 40,000 views in just a few days. To recap, the first six derailments factors were as follows: 1. Not building effective relationships 2. Lack of leadership competence ...

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Do you know your derailment factors? Part one.

After working in business for the past 25 years, not much surprises me. However one of the things that still gets me at times is how few people are aware of what their derailment factors are. If you know my work and my writing, you know that I’m well grounded in positive psychology and have a hearty focus on what’s working well and how we can amplify it. Strengths, purpose, passion, intentional career planning and all that good stuff. But I’m also a realist and there are certain things in ...

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Get the career you want without compromising your wellbeing

We hear all the time about the struggle women face in getting to the top in their careers. We know it can be a hard push, with long hours, the double shift, competing demands, and the bias that can exist in workplaces. And we know that many women are saying that it’s just all too hard, so they are sidelining themselves, starting their own businesses, or opting out all together. We need more women in leadership roles – but we also need specific strategies to help them get there other ...

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