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5 keys to building your personal brand 5 keys to building your personal brand 5 keys to building your personal brand

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5 keys to building your personal brand

I talk about personal branding a lot and I have a whole chapter in my book dedicated to it, because it matters. As we know, many of us think that if we just keep our head down and do the work, that all else will take care of itself regarding our careers. But as many of us also know, that’s often just not true. One of the key aspects of our career that really matters is your personal brand — which is essentially how you choose to present yourself. Everyone has one. Many people ...

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Do you need a career plan?

This is a really common question, especially amongst mid-level professionals. You have done ok up until now without a plan. Things have been going well and you have been progressing as quickly as you wanted and in the right direction. But the question usually comes up as people start telling you that to get to the next level you need a plan. Let me try and break it down and give you a few perspectives to consider. Some people have a rigorous career plan that is very focused on the exact role ...

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