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Need to reignite your career? – Part Two Need to reignite your career? – Part Two Need to reignite your career? – Part Two

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Need to reignite your career? – Part Two

Last week I wrote Need to reignite your career? Part One. To recap, we looked at the following five areas: 1. Get clear on your life vision 2. Work with purpose 3. Get a plan 4. Know and use your strengths 5. Close the confidence gap Today we look at the next five areas that will really help you move your career forward. 6. Build your personal brand When we think about brands we usually think about big organisations like Apple or Virgin. But you have your own personal brand that you need to ...

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Is it time for a new job? 6 ways to know.

This can be one of the most challenging questions in a career, and one that I have certainly faced multiple times. If you leave a job too early, you run the risk of not leveraging all of the experience and skills the role can offer you. But on the other hand, if you stay too long, you can get stale and miss opportunities for career expansion or greater enjoyment. It is no surprise then that people can go around in circles on this and in many cases, stay in their job for much longer than they ...

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Get the career you want without compromising your wellbeing

We hear all the time about the struggle women face in getting to the top in their careers. We know it can be a hard push, with long hours, the double shift, competing demands, and the bias that can exist in workplaces. And we know that many women are saying that it’s just all too hard, so they are sidelining themselves, starting their own businesses, or opting out all together. We need more women in leadership roles – but we also need specific strategies to help them get there other ...

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