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Need to reignite your career? – Part Two Need to reignite your career? – Part Two Need to reignite your career? – Part Two

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Need to reignite your career? – Part Two

Last week I wrote Need to reignite your career? Part One. To recap, we looked at the following five areas: 1. Get clear on your life vision 2. Work with purpose 3. Get a plan 4. Know and use your strengths 5. Close the confidence gap Today we look at the next five areas that will really help you move your career forward. 6. Build your personal brand When we think about brands we usually think about big organisations like Apple or Virgin. But you have your own personal brand that you need to ...

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Do you have one of these? (hint: you need one)

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and I believe this to be true. I also believe it takes a network of people to create a successful career. We don’t do it on our own; no matter how much we might like to believe we can. It’s incredibly important in your career to have people around you who are your true supporters; to have people you can look up to; and to have those who you can take trusted advice from. So many women underestimate just how critical this is, not only for getting ...

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