The vital question everyone asks me The vital question everyone asks me The vital question everyone asks me

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The vital question everyone asks me

Boundaries. What are they, I hear you ask?  It is a question I get asked so often: when I coach individuals, when I speak to hundreds of people, and all places in between. Not just what they are of course, as we are all pretty smart, we get the concept. More often it’s how on earth do I actually create them, and when I do, how do I keep them in place? It is not a surprising question really is it? Between work, friends, exercise, study, kids (or if not kids, a boyfriend who can really be a ...

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The key to happiness at work

We most often focus on the ‘what’ of work. What we have to get done, what our boss needs next, what we need to do for our team to help them succeed. But we don’t often stop to think about why we do things, or why we are even in our job to begin with.   Most of us want to build a career that we absolutely love – work that you cannot wait to get to every day; that you leap out of bed for, filled with anticipation and excitement for all that your day will bring. But how do you find ...

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How to brand you and your career ‘fabulous’

Personal brand. Everyone has one. Many don’t know what their personal brand says about them; and few do something positive to build it, enhance it, and leverage it to support their career success. I am still surprised by how many people think they don’t even have one. Seriously. If you are alive and kicking, then you have a personal brand – even if you’re in fifth grade. So what does your brand say about you? What do you want it to say? Building a successful personal brand ...

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