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Is it time to build your exit strategy? Is it time to build your exit strategy? Is it time to build your exit strategy?

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Is it time to build your exit strategy?

If there were one hot topic that is coming up a lot in my coaching enquiries, women’s groups I lead and with Q&A’s after speaking gigs, it’s that of career change. To be more specific, I keep getting questions about how to build an effective exit strategy. In other words – can you please help me get the **** out of this career I hate?! And whilst it has been a consistent theme in my coaching practice over the past three years, it is definitely heightened at the ...

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New Podcast: Life & Love with Lisa Messenger

For those of you who were inspired by Lisa Messenger’s incredible story and personal insights from Part One of our podcast with her, then you’re going to love Part Two of our interview where you’ll get more of Lisa’s beautiful, raw honesty as well as a look inside her latest best-selling book Life & Love: Creating the dream.  Yes that’s right, just 4 months after releasing Daring & Disruptive, Lisa released another book – this woman is prolific. For anyone who doesn’t ...

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