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How to beat the back to work blues How to beat the back to work blues How to beat the back to work blues

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How to beat the back to work blues

Cruising around social media this week it didn’t take long to get the posts of people feeling the blues being back at work. Pretty normal, and as I sit here on the last days of my holiday, I am already thinking forward to next week and what I will be doing to keep hold of the peace, calm and relaxation that I have had whilst being on break. If you are feeling the blues, or already feeling a bit too stressed out as the real world realities take their grip on you, join me in using these ...

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20 questions for clarity and success

Welcome to the New Year. Gee that came fast didn’t it? I hope you have had a wonderful break, some cherished time with family and friends, and some time to rest and restore. You may be still on your break, or getting ready like I am to head off and have some family time. But before I head to Byron, I wanted to pose some questions for you to ponder as you move into 2015, hopefully with a sense of hope, and a feeling of grace and ease that you can carry through the year. Last week I wrote ...

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