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The #1 myth that stops you doing what you really want (and 7 ways to get going) The #1 myth that stops you doing what you really want (and 7 ways to get going) The #1 myth that stops you doing what you really want (and 7 ways to get going)

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The #1 myth that stops you doing what you really want (and 7 ways to get going)

Danielle sits at her desk each day in between meetings sketching designs of the jewellery she longs to make but doesn’t, because she thinks to herself again and again that no one will ever buy it. Georgia works in a bank but secretly dreams about starting a baking business and becoming the next cupcake Queen. But she doesn’t, because she thinks she needs to have a commercial kitchen and a retail store and lots and lots of money. And then there’s Mary, who gets woken up at night with words ...

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Let passion and play ignite your possibilities

My client Mary was having a really hard time in her career. She knew that what she was doing wasn’t lighting her up, in fact she was pretty much hating it. She felt stuck, under utilised, and just plain bored. There was no purpose or passion in her job, but she had no idea what came next. As we worked together, the stories of what Mary was really passionate about started to unfold. Connecting with people. Sewing. Entertaining. Crafts. Natural healing. Wellbeing. So I asked her, what would it ...

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Get past the Sunday night dread (and that Monday slump)

I’m going to force myself to do it. I should. I really don’t want to, but I have too. People are counting on me, so I better show up. I said I would, so I will. But I really, really, really don’t want to. Have you said any of these things to yourself recently? As you think about work this week, preparing yourself for what’s coming up, gearing yourself up perhaps, consider these questions: What are you looking forward to this week? What are you dreading? What are you going to have to ...

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Two questions that will change how you think about purpose

I was listening to Chase Jarvis on his podcast the other morning while out for my walk. He was talking about creativity and entrepreneurship, but for me he distilled down a whole lot of thinking around career, passion pursuits and purpose into these two questions: What do you care about? How can you become masterful at that? If you stopped stressing about finding your purpose and how to make money from your calling, and instead asked yourself these two questions, what would you discover about ...

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Are you working with love or loathing?

We all have things we do to make a living. Some of us do them with love. Some with pride. And some with joy. But many, sadly, do it with loathing. And they do it just to get by. In my work as a strategist, I spend a lot of time helping people deal with work or workplaces that are soul destroying. Toxic bosses. Overloaded schedules. Chaotic work environments. Manic or apathetic employees.  And sometimes, it’s all barren. Barren of meaning. Barren of pleasure. Barren of just about everything ...

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Do you need a career plan?

This is a really common question, especially amongst mid-level professionals. You have done ok up until now without a plan. Things have been going well and you have been progressing as quickly as you wanted and in the right direction. But the question usually comes up as people start telling you that to get to the next level you need a plan. Let me try and break it down and give you a few perspectives to consider. Some people have a rigorous career plan that is very focused on the exact role ...

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