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What can you stop doing? What can you stop doing? What can you stop doing?

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What can you stop doing?

How’s your to do list looking today? Lot’s of really important stuff that you must get done to keep things moving on the work and home front? I get it. I have one too (or a few, actually). And as we head into a fresh week, it can be a good feeling to start that new list and to tick things off it as they get completed. Little hit of the reward hormone dopamine to make us happy, and on to the next. But this week, what I would also like you think about it, is what can come off the ...

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How can you build some momentum this week?

As you step into your work week, think about how you might build some fast momentum this week. I am sure you will have a long and perhaps tedious to do list, full of things you have about as much enthusiasm for doing as getting a root canal. We all have them. I have to do taxes and send invoices this week. Both near the very bottom of my ‘want to get done’ list (yes just above that dentist appointment).  But those things have to get done. And then there are things that are exciting ...

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Getting shit done – be creative, strategic and productive

Picture this. You start out the year with grand visions of everything you will do and how freakin’ amazing it will be. You’ll do great work, be a good person, and you know, generally rock the shit out of everything. Your business and spirit will thrive and you’ll become the most successful and most interesting person you know (naturally). All good so far. You have visions of brilliant strategy, awe-inspiring creativity, and a productivity level that has never been seen before. Eva. And ...

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Be strategic and still get your daily work done

Last week in my Women’s Agenda career column, I got asked this question below. I wanted to share it here, as it may be something you are also struggling with. Question: I struggle to balance the operational aspects of my job with the strategic. Despite my best intentions the day-to-day requirements of my job often distract me from the bigger picture tasks I also need to focus on. Do you have any tips for effectively juggling both? Manager, Finance My Response: This is such a common ...

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Six tips to increase your productivity

Ah productivity at work, that old chestnut! I find that for most upwardly mobile professionals, a lot of our productivity issues come down to one thing – the inability to focus our attention for any length of time on one thing, and doing that one thing until it is completed. Imagine how effective you would be if you could actually focus on the thing you were doing, and only on that. It may be hard to even imagine that right now, as the majority of us struggle with this. We live in a world ...

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