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The reality of imposter syndrome The reality of imposter syndrome The reality of imposter syndrome

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The reality of imposter syndrome

  “A psychological phenomenon in which people are unable to internalise their accomplishments.” If you’ve ever been to a women’s conference, a professional development course or a leadership event for women, you will have no doubt heard about the imposter syndrome. Spoken about amongst women as one of the key reasons for their lack of confidence, other than the notion that, “I feel like a fraud,” it’s often not defined or clarified as to what it actually is and how to deal ...

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Is this success?

How do you define success? In this very moment, considering your work and career, would you call yourself successful? Whether you answered yes or no, what were the measurements that you used? What’s on your checklist for how successful you do or don’t deem yourself to be? Many of us are striving for success and yet we don’t really know what that looks like for us. So we look around, at our friends, our peers, even strangers on the Internet, and as we absorb the cultural narrative into our ...

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What do you want to be known for?

Ask yourself this question: Is your personal brand taking you to the places you want to go in your career? How do people see you at work? Perhaps you have a reputation as the problem solver, the organizer or the deal maker – but is it serving you well? One of the most important questions you can ask when building your personal brand and looking at what’s next for your career, is what do you want to be known for? Personal branding expert, William Arruda explains that your personal ...

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What’s your gender mindset?

This week I want to pose a new concept called Gender Mindsets. When I was writing this chapter in my new book, and was thinking about all of the research and potential challenges that come with being a working woman, it occurred to me that along with other types of mindsets I talk a lot about in my work (fixed and growth mindsets for example, from Carol Dweck’s research), there are also gender mindsets that impact how we think about being a professional woman, and how those thoughts ...

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Why the world needs new leaders

There is a mountain of research revealing unequivocally that what people want from their leaders today is changing, and changing dramatically. And the good news is, women have never been better placed to lead, as we transition from an old style of leadership based on command and control, short term thinking and aggression, to one that is more in tune with feminine sensibilities of relating and empowering, sustainable thinking, and collaboration. In fact, we are wonderfully wired to do so. But ...

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Get the career you want without compromising your wellbeing

We hear all the time about the struggle women face in getting to the top in their careers. We know it can be a hard push, with long hours, the double shift, competing demands, and the bias that can exist in workplaces. And we know that many women are saying that it’s just all too hard, so they are sidelining themselves, starting their own businesses, or opting out all together. We need more women in leadership roles – but we also need specific strategies to help them get there other ...

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