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Are you rejecting your feminine traits? Are you rejecting your feminine traits? Are you rejecting your feminine traits?

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Are you rejecting your feminine traits?

There is a rising in the world at present, the rising of feminine energy. For so long we have been bathed only in the masculine. It’s what our organizations, our power structures, our success models, and even many (ok, most) of our societal structures are based on, at least in the west. You may recognize the masculine around you and indeed in you. Qualities like drive, independence, aggression, arrogance, competitiveness and confidence are all traits that are associated with the ...

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5 keys to building your personal brand

I talk about personal branding a lot and I have a whole chapter in my book dedicated to it, because it matters. As we know, many of us think that if we just keep our head down and do the work, that all else will take care of itself regarding our careers. But as many of us also know, that’s often just not true. One of the key aspects of our career that really matters is your personal brand — which is essentially how you choose to present yourself. Everyone has one. Many people ...

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Is it time for a new job? 6 ways to know.

This can be one of the most challenging questions in a career, and one that I have certainly faced multiple times. If you leave a job too early, you run the risk of not leveraging all of the experience and skills the role can offer you. But on the other hand, if you stay too long, you can get stale and miss opportunities for career expansion or greater enjoyment. It is no surprise then that people can go around in circles on this and in many cases, stay in their job for much longer than they ...

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