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Are you rejecting your feminine traits? Are you rejecting your feminine traits? Are you rejecting your feminine traits?

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Are you rejecting your feminine traits?

There is a rising in the world at present, the rising of feminine energy. For so long we have been bathed only in the masculine. It’s what our organizations, our power structures, our success models, and even many (ok, most) of our societal structures are based on, at least in the west. You may recognize the masculine around you and indeed in you. Qualities like drive, independence, aggression, arrogance, competitiveness and confidence are all traits that are associated with the ...

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New podcast: Are you ready to play bigger?

If you’ve ever been guilty of letting criticism get the better of you, hiding your greatness and just plain old procrastinating (and let’s face it, who hasn’t?), then my hot new interview with women’s leadership expert Tara Sophia Mohr is for you (yep, it’s a podcast, the first in my new series Getting Real with Megan – exciting!). Tara is the founder of the acclaimed Playing Big leadership program for women. She is an expert on women’s leadership and wellbeing and is ...

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