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New Podcast: Life & Love with Lisa Messenger New Podcast: Life & Love with Lisa Messenger New Podcast: Life & Love with Lisa Messenger

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New Podcast: Life & Love with Lisa Messenger

For those of you who were inspired by Lisa Messenger’s incredible story and personal insights from Part One of our podcast with her, then you’re going to love Part Two of our interview where you’ll get more of Lisa’s beautiful, raw honesty as well as a look inside her latest best-selling book Life & Love: Creating the dream.  Yes that’s right, just 4 months after releasing Daring & Disruptive, Lisa released another book – this woman is prolific. For anyone who doesn’t ...

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Why you should invest in you

I am just back from California where I spent a week with literary book mama Linda Siverstsen on her Carmel writing retreat, working on my next book and my writing career. It was such an amazing week, and I wanted to share some take aways with you, as food for thought as you go into the holiday period. I have now added comments to my blog (yeah!) and I would just love for you to share your thoughts below.   1. Follow your intuition – The first time I heard about Linda was through ...

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What are you here for?

I have a big heart shaped post it note on the wall above my desk, which has these words written on it in purple texta. I am here to create. Ponder that for a minute. Not here to work. Not sweat over endless pages and projects. Not slog my way through whatever is waiting for me. Create. Many of you know I have recently started my sabbatical. Nine blissful months of doing, well,  whatever the hell I want really. I am going to write a post about that in a few weeks, so more on that later. One of ...

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What moves you?

I am sitting here in my hotel room in New York. It is mid March, and lo and behold it is snowing. Yes, full on snowing. My local friends are totally over it, but I just love it. Coming from Sydney where you never see snow, the novelty doesn’t seem to wear off for me. Although I must admit, the zero to minus two temperatures are pretty bloody cold. Ok, I admit it, it’s freezing! So I have had a day or so to acclimatise before my big conference starts tomorrow (watch out for my next ...

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