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Meghann Ashby | The Career Toolkit
Meghann Ashby Meghann Ashby Meghann Ashby

Meghann Ashby

I’m extremely excited and grateful to be a part of such an inspiring group of women. After working in the corporate world for 14 years slogging my guts out for what I thought was fulfilling my life purpose, I lost my job as a Sales and Marketing Director. I had no idea what to do as I was always defined by my career. After a series of taking any role that seemed suitable I started on my journey with the Career Toolkit and within the first week had more clarity then ever. I took action and I’m about to start a career in the industry I’ve always wanted to be in, health and fitness. I can already feel that the decision to start with the Career Toolkit and being guided by the fabulous Megan Dalla-Camina has made such a difference in my life.