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What moves you? What moves you? What moves you?

What moves you?


I am sitting here in my hotel room in New York. It is mid March, and lo and behold it is snowing. Yes, full on snowing. My local friends are totally over it, but I just love it. Coming from Sydney where you never see snow, the novelty doesn’t seem to wear off for me. Although I must admit, the zero to minus two temperatures are pretty bloody cold. Ok, I admit it, it’s freezing!

So I have had a day or so to acclimatise before my big conference starts tomorrow (watch out for my next blog post on the global Catalyst conference coming up this week). I come to New York all the time, so I actually feel like a bit of a local when I am here now. And being here alone means I can totally please myself, which is pretty rare. I have done my usual things already; massage at Exhale on Central Park South, sushi at TenZan on the upper west side, yoga at my hotel, cupcake at Magnolia (have we met?!), Sunday markets at Green Flea and lot’s of walking the streets (check out the photos on Instagram at megandallacamina).

But the thing I have done the most the last few days is hang out at Barnes & Noble (for hours and hours and at different stores), cruising my favourite sections of self development, spirituality, gender studies, business and leadership. I think I have literally spent about 6 hours all up so far. I take pictures of books I want to buy on my new iPhone (so totally in love with it, just saying). I have taken to do what the locals do, which is sit on the ground or by the window or in the cafe and read books before I buy them. And even though I say I won’t, I still came back to the hotel with four new books yesterday. Could not help myself (look out for new post at megandallacamina.com ‘favourites – what I’m reading’ soon).

So why the book obsession? Well, quite simply, it moves me. I get such energy from being around books, the written word, and draw such inspiration from it. I have just mapped out my next two books (beyond excited) and am in that lovely phase of researching, letting concepts mull over in my mind, swirl around and build momentum, before the actual writing phase commences. They say one of the best things for writers to do is read. And so it goes.

As I sit here in my hotel room, looking out over my glimpse of Central Park, watching the snow billow down, I am feeling very fulfilled. On purpose. Content with my place in the world, and so very grateful that I find myself here.

And as I sit here, I think about you and I am compelled to ask – what moves you? What makes you feel alive, engaged, energised and content? When was the last time you felt that? Is it time to for a little investigation into that exact question? I would love to know. Share your thoughts with me in the comments below. 

Signing off from New York. I am about to head out in the snow, to go for a walk whilst listening to a podcast. I think I hear Bloomingdales calling……..

Much love

Megan xx

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