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What's your crazy big idea? | The Career Toolkit
What’s your crazy big idea? What’s your crazy big idea? What’s your crazy big idea?

What’s your crazy big idea?


As I was out on my walk this morning, listening to a podcast, I was thinking about asking you this question.

What’s your crazy big idea?

You know, the idea you have tucked away somewhere, that’s a little too scary to pull out and take a real look at. That idea that has been gathering dust perhaps in the corners of your mind and soul that you don’t think you are ready for, or brave enough to make real. Or that idea that popped into your consciousness recently that you are still trying to work out what it is and where it fits.

That crazy big idea.

I had one of these last year. My crazy sexy scary idea was to go on sabbatical from my corporate job. I wanted to take a leave of absence, to have some space, and take some time to breath. That was my cover story anyway. What I really wanted, was to follow my dream. My new dream. My first book had just come out, and I wanted to play bigger. I wanted to start my own business, write my next book, and create my own magic.

And I wanted to do it even though I was scared to death and the nagging voice in my head kept saying, “who are you freakin kidding?!!!”.

So this exact time last year, I had a conversation with my boss, telling him that I wanted to take my long service leave. My extended long service leave. With my heart in my throat I told him that no, it wouldn’t be 8 or 12 weeks. I wanted to take 9 months. Can you imagine?

He said yes. That he wasn’t surprised. And that he knew I was destined for something bigger than what I was doing. Funny how people close to us know these things but do not speak them. At least not until we are ready to hear them, or we open the door for the conversation.

So I went on leave in April, with the commitment to return on January 1 2014. We both kind of new though that I wasn’t coming back. That I would get a taste of this new life, this freedom, this creative space, and revel in it. And I did. Come August, I officially left, four months before I was due to return. I just knew. This crazy big idea had taken on a life of it’s own. I was building my business – doing strategy work, writing, coaching and speaking on women, leadership and wellbeing – starting my PhD in women, leadership and power (just a small topic) – and had started dreaming about my next book (two books in the works actually, naturally). And I  was loving it. LOVING IT. Like I was exactly where I was always meant to be, doing what I was destined to be doing.

And I still am. As I sit here 12 months on from having that scary conversation and making a massive life changing decision, I couldn’t be more excited about what is coming up for me. More writing. Launching my book Getting Real About Having It All in the US in April (crazy big idea for sure), starting the research phase of my PhD, speaking, coaching, and building a new kick ass leadership program for women that might just change everything (watch this space at the end of January, I can’t wait to share this with you).

It’s all happening as I had dreamed it would. It’s not safe. It’s not secure. But it’s working and I feel a glowing sense of purpose each day, and there is an energy to this work that I have never felt before. Like it’s coming from my core, but a core I never knew I had.

I’ve reflected on the decisions I’ve made over the past year. Maybe the most life changing part of the whole process for me was not actually leaving the big job with the guaranteed income, for the life of a small business entrepreneur with a big dream.

It wasn’t even having the big dream, or coming up with the crazy big idea.

It was backing myself. Believing that I could be brave enough to do it. And that I would have the courage to follow through and make it come true.

That, my friends, has been the most amazing part of the journey.

So as we go into the holiday season where you may have some time to yourself to reflect on what has been and what is to come, I ask you this with love:

What are you dreaming about? What would you just love to have happen? Where is your heart’s desire leading you, pulling you, or even dragging you?

And what is your crazy big idea?

Allow yourself to dream that dream, build that vision, and make that plan. Give yourself permission to want what you want and have what you desire.

You deserve it. And you are worth it. So go do that. I’ll be here every step of the way.


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Review By Kelly Lang
“Megan’s words are as poetic and profound as they are practical. With humor and vulnerability, and a splash of sass, she guides us into every nook and cranny of our psyche so we cant run and hide from our truth anymore. She has a beautiful talent of making me feel like she is my best friend, gently empowering me to do what my intuition has not so gently been telling me to do for years. Im gifting this book to every woman in my life that I love and care about. READ IT AND REAP ladies!”

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