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Why you should invest in you | The Career Toolkit
Why you should invest in you Why you should invest in you Why you should invest in you

Why you should invest in you

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I am just back from California where I spent a week with literary book mama Linda Siverstsen on her Carmel writing retreat, working on my next book and my writing career. It was such an amazing week, and I wanted to share some take aways with you, as food for thought as you go into the holiday period. I have now added comments to my blog (yeah!) and I would just love for you to share your thoughts below.


1. Follow your intuition – The first time I heard about Linda was through Danielle LaPorte and their fabulous product The Big Beautiful Book Plan. After following Linda for a while, I saw that she ran retreats in Carmel for writers. I was a published author at this stage, having recently released my first book Getting Real About Having It All. Something inside me said that I needed to work with Linda, and that I would go on one of these retreats. I didn’t dismiss the thought, but I knew it would pop up again when the time was right. When it did pop in again in July, I contacted Linda straight away, and she opened a new date for December so that I could come. She had the same instinct that we were meant to work together!


2. Back yourself – The week is an investment – US$8000, plus the travel and expenses to get there, so it is not something I could do lightly, with my business just being a few months old. And whilst I could have easily justified not going, I had the sense that 5 days spent on this retreat would fast track my work and be well worth it. I was right. I feel like I have taken a giant leap forward in both direction and motivation, that I may have spent the next 12 months working toward. And my best friend and business partner Michelle also came, so we had that week to co-create our joint projects for the year ahead – double bonus. We often ruminate on whether we should invest in ourselves – getting a coach, taking a personal or professional development course, or going on retreat like I did. When you get the right instinct, that sense that it could really help you, trust that and back yourself. You won’t regret it.


3. Follow through – I went on this retreat to work on my next book, and we did. I can’t express how I felt when we did our first reading and Linda told me what an incredible and gifted writer she thought I was (we recorded the session, thank God, so I can listen back when I have those moments of self doubt that all writers have). But what we also discussed and worked on were the US launch plans for my book. The book has been up in Kindle and now on Amazon for a few months, as well as in iTunes and Barnes & Noble online. But not in US stores as it has not officially been released in the US market yet. My big dream is a big US launch of the book so I can scale the message I know is helping and serving so many women. Now that I am home, I need to make sure I follow through on everything we worked on. It is great to be inspired, but we have to follow through if we want things to actually happen, not just stay as dreams. And we must keep the momentum going.


Sometimes we have those moments where a light bulb goes on, we think of something that we are meant to do, and that might just change everything. And then we let the light go out. We get filled up and overwhelmed with questions like am I worthy, is it worth it or why bother? Or we think that it has all been done before, that it’s all too hard, or that there’s no way it will make a difference. When we listen to these voices, which is usually just fear screaming at us from the sidelines, we get paralysed and immobilised. And we stay stuck.

Next time the light bulb goes, let is shine so bright that it blazes the trail for whatever it is that you are seeking. And whatever that is, I hope you find it.


Thanks for being here.


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