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You’re half way there – where’s your focus? | The Career Toolkit
You’re half way there – where’s your focus? You’re half way there – where’s your focus? You’re half way there – where’s your focus?

You’re half way there – where’s your focus?


So it’s July already. Can you believe it? The year, as it always seems too, is flying by like a bat out of hell. 

So where are you at? Are you where you thought you would be with your goals and plans for the year? Have you accomplished what you wanted to get done? Perhaps you are ahead of your plan, so much so that you are heading for burnout.

Perhaps you are a little behind, not really having moved forward as much as you would have liked. Or maybe, just maybe, you are exactly where you thought you would be.

Wherever you are, it’s a good time to check in. To spend some time really thinking about, and more importantly, feeling into, how you are.

Beneath all the to-do lists, and expectations, and striving and driving and ambition.

Buried under the must do’s and the have to’s and the should do’s.

Somewhere deep into your longing, your spirit and dare I say it, your soul (there, I said it). 

Where are you at from that place?

Here is where I am – this is what and I need, and it’s what I am longing for.

Space – to breath, to live and to just be.

Cash – build my business, help more people.

Creativity – write the book, take the photo, paint the furniture, just create. Anything.

Wellbeing – slow down, meditate, get on my mat, restore.

Love – fall in love, be in love, with my life and everything in it.

It’s simple. It’s on my vision wall. And most importantly, I feel it with everything I am. And I am making every decision for the next six months based on how it fits with these things. Simple right?

So, where are you? Think about it.

Feel into it.

Get real.

Get creative.

Write it down.

Post it up.

Live it.

Breathe it.

Love it.

And there you have it. Your next six months. 

Make it magical.


Until next time,

You’ve got this.

With love



Feature image found on weheartit.com – love it!

Heart image from my vision board – pretty creative aren’t I?